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FULL HSMWorks 2015 Activation daryjayc




The documentation and video tutorials are available here: **Step 6**: Receive the RS-Net client server software. Install it on your PC: **Step 7**: Create and configure the HSMWorks site and servers. You will be prompted to enter the serial number and the activation code you receive in Step 5. **Step 8**: Create a site by clicking the "New Site" button. In the "site name" field, enter a unique name for the site, the value of which you will use later when you configure the site. **Step 9**: In the "Host name (HTTP)" field, enter the host name of the site's HTTP server. The default is . **Step 10**: In the "Binding port" field, enter the binding port of the HTTP server. The default is 80. **Step 11**: In the "Site HTTP server port" field, enter the port number of the HTTP server. The default is 8080. **Step 12**: In the "Site IP address" field, enter the IP address of the HTTP server. The default is **Step 13**: In the "Site domain" field, enter the domain name of the site. The default is localhost. **Step 14**: In the "Site password" field, enter the user password for the site. **Step 15**: In the "Site description" field, enter a short description of the site. **Step 16**: In the "Site root path" field, enter the directory path for the site's root. The default is ".". **Step 17**: In the "Site URL" field, enter the base URL for the site. The default is /. **Step 18**: Select the appropriate type of site and click the "Create" button. **Step 19**: Check the security tab. You must set the "Restricted mode" to Yes. Click the "OK" button. **Step 20**: Click the "Configuration" tab. For the "Network licensing" entry, make sure that the option is "Advanced". Then click the "




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FULL HSMWorks 2015 Activation daryjayc

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