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Your Eco Souq is to promote a sustainable future by connecting Individuals to eco-friendly businesses with authentic and honest sustainable solutions. By making these solutions available, we aim to inspire and empower them to make greener choices together. 


We are committed to promoting environmental stewardship through a combination of education, entertainment, and community engagement. We offer knowledge about the issue and provide viable solutions. 


Meet the visionary minds behind Your Eco Souq.


Our founders are passionate individuals driven by a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and a profound desire to make a positive impact on the world.


With diverse backgrounds in environmental work & business, they bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to our mission of promoting eco-friendly living.


Together, they embody the spirit of innovation, compassion, and leadership that defines Your Eco Souq's journey towards a greener future.


Barkha Bahirwani

Pallavi Santhapuram

Pallavi, with her passion for researching and promoting sustainable living through her content and sustainability knowledge, and

Barkha, with her business skills and focus on bringing the community together, have joined hands to make this happen with our new venture called Your Eco Souq, powered by The Eco Loop.


Your Eco Souq is not just another market. It's a unique platform that offers a holistic eco-experience, bringing you the joy and benefits of living sustainably.





Do you own a sustainable brand selling eco friendly products or services and want to get support in selling and marketing your products?

Register as a Vendor


Do you want to do a workshop on sustainable living habits, DIY natural products or anything related to eco friendly living in our markets?

Register for an Eco Workshop

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Do you want us to conduct workshops, talks, fun games in your school, office or community?

We will be happy to do that :)

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Want to join us for a free meetup to discuss your problems in your sustainability journey? We will collectively brainstorm and find solutions :)

Join us for a Free Eco-Meetup

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Join our community to get,

1. Valuable and handy resources FREE of cost to kickstart your sustainable journey.

2. Updates on our latest blogs, markets, workshops, games and meetups. Get practical and helpful information to help you make the right decisions in your sustainable journey.

3. Stories, experiences, problems that I and you face during implementing this lifestyle, and solutions arrived after brainstorming in a like-minded community of Eco-warriors.

Come join our awesome community :)

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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