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Thank you for visiting this page to know more about us. I am Pallavi Santhapuram, and I founded The Eco Loop with a passion to make people aware of how the use of harmful materials used in many products in the present era is affecting their health, and ruining the environment. 


I have worked as a structural engineer for 11+ years, and while preparing for a course on Green building certification called LEED (Leadership in energy and environmental design), it was eye-opening to me to learn about the pressing problem of how urgently our Ecosystem needs to be rescued from use of harmful materials polluting our environment and most of it being dumped in our landfills to degrade for thousands of years thus causing many adverse effects! 


It was even more shocking to know from further research and study that we have limited time to reverse this damage. This triggered my guilt, and I started to transition one step at a time to a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Having experienced many health problems in the past due to my sedentary lifestyle and seeing so many people around me falling sick with serious chronic diseases, I passionately felt the need to bring to people the benefits of living in harmony with nature and take charge of their health as I did for myself. Being in Nature played a big role in my emotional and mental health and eating natural unprocessed food gave me back control of my physical health. 


I felt the need to share the little knowledge I gained and also what I was constantly researching about good sustainable practices and genuinely sustainable products.


The Eco Loop was thus born with a burning desire to spread awareness and educate people to a green living, so we can make our lives and the planet more sustainable.


"Live in sync with nature" 

Why this tagline?

This line is true to my heart because just living in sync with nature brought me back to sanity and joy. Sustainability is a very broad term intertwined with our daily habits, the food we eat, the materials we choose, and every action we take in our lives. Nature is constantly giving us lessons on living sustainably, we just need to observe and implement them to live a healthy and happy life.



We strive to bring awareness about environmental harm and highlight how it affects all living species, including humans. We aim to provide tips and tricks for a sustainable lifestyle and help people and companies find sustainable solutions with woman empowerment at the Forefront. To be able to support NGOs working on Environmental preservation and women empowerment.



To be the go-to company with information-driven practical solutions for our customers to transition to a sustainable lifestyle or a sustainable environment-friendly business.

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