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The Eco Sheroes Podcast aims to showcase women who are making positive environmental impacts by sharing their personal experiences and providing helpful tips. While we may not be perfect, we believe that consistently making small changes can lead to a greater impact. Our podcast delivers engaging and interesting resources to help enhance your sustainable lifestyle and promote health and peace.

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Season #1 Popular Episodes

Episode#3 Cover_edited.jpg

Are Refined cooking oils healthy and sustainable? Find out!

Your food choices affect your health and the environment. Cooking with refined oils can harm both. In this episode, I share some facts about cooking with refined oils and why it can be damaging to both our health and the environment.

Rita Jivani explains the importance of using natural skincare

Rita Jivani's journey is truly inspiring! Despite not having a university education and at the age of 59, she embarked on a quest to educate herself about natural skin care. This was triggered by the severe skin ailments experienced by her and several family members, as well as a family member's battle with cancer. Now at 62, Rita remains enthusiastic about learning and continually researching to create more natural skin care products. She aims to provide healthy alternatives to synthetic chemical-laden skin care products and help people find the right solutions. Her vast experience using natural products throughout her upbringing is a testament to her wisdom and expertise in this area. Talking to her is always a delight!

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Episode#4 Cover_edited.jpg

Dr. Pratima talks about growing forests, women empowerment, and shocking facts about plastic products.

Dr. Pratima Kamath, a retired doctor specializing in anesthesia in south Mumbai, decided to move to Dubai in 2008. She started using homemade paper trash bags instead of store-bought plastic bags to live a plastic-free life almost 25 years ago. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Dr. Pratima researched and found toxins in personal products, house cleaners, deodorizers, and plastic products surrounding her life, leading her to eliminate them. She dives deep into these topics and explains what we should avoid for good health and a good environment.

Charlene Nawar, A B-corp consultant, explains how changing policies, practices, and mindsets will bring good, lasting effects for future generations!

Charlene is an impact consultant, speaker, and advocate, passionate about creating positive change for people and the planet. She supports purpose-led businesses to use their business as a force for good and is a valuable asset in driving change in various social and environmental impact areas. Charlene is also a trained B Corp consultant, offering support with certification and shares valuable insights on selecting natural soaps and skincare products.

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Episode#2 Cover_edited.jpg

My first ecofriendly swap to a sustainable lifestyle!

In this episode, I share my personal experience with transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle by using reusable bags. In this episode, I explore different eco-friendly options, debunk common misconceptions, and highlight the benefits of this small but significant change.

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