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100% Organic cotton Muslin and Mesh bags

100% Organic Cotton Muslin and Mesh Produce bags

Plastic bags at the groceries that are used for picking veggies and fruits are the major contributor to plastic pollution.

Some uses from many!

  • Ditch the plastic to pick your veggies, these 100% organic cotton muslin bags are very practical to reuse time again and has a tare weight label, so your grocer can deduct the tare weight with ease. 

  • Keeps your veggies fresh for longer with no chemicals from plastic leaching into it.

  • Suitable to store in the refrigerator. Will prevent your veggies and greens from rotting and stays crisper than ever.

    (Tip: For storing greens moisten the bags and store in refrigerator to keep it crisp and fresh for your delicious salads!)

  • Great to pick your freshly baked bread from your bakery.

  • Great to pick your nuts and spices from the bulk store

  • Use it as reusable tea bags

  • Great for straining yogurt and cheese

  • Keeps your silverware and porcelain clean and sparkling

  • Store your baby toys in these organic cotton chemical free bags and keep your little ones safe.


Advantages you should know

  • The bag fabric is 100% Organic unbleached cotton that is GOTS certified which means the fabric is produced and bags manufactured completely by Fair Trade procedures and contain no chemicals.

  • You get genuine products without harming anyone in the ecological cycle- Not the environment nor the humans involved in the production.

  • These bags come with drawstrings which helps to secure your produce from falling out.

  • It is Reusable, Easy to wash and lasts for long. Even if it lands in the bin will not harm the environment in any way.

  • Easy to carry along in your bag and can be used to carry anything you want.

The list will go on! So, come on! Why wait, grab a bag and start your plastic free journey one step at a time.

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