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Sugarcane Pulp Tableware

Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Disposables

Our range of Eco-friendly disposables are perfectly safe for environment and your health.

The most popular disposables used are Styrofoam and plastic and both are not Recyclable or biodegradable or Compostable hence will lie in the landfills for long years! They are full of chemicals and carcinogens and I am sure after knowing the facts you will never want to ruin your health.

It is always advisable to use chemical free safe tableware that can be reused time again but then there are situations when you must go for disposables where it is not practical and is expensive to use Reusable utensils.

Say a party or an event these plant-based disposables will easily biodegrade and complete the Ecological cycle. Great for your health and the environment!

Sugarcane Pulp Tableware

Sugarcane Pulp tableware is the perfect way to put waste to proper use and then release back to the ecosystem.

A Simple Process defines how safe these products are

Sugarcane plantation – Sugar processing – Sugarcane pulp generated – This pulp molded to produce tableware

Some advantages from many!

  • These are light and leak proof

  • Microwave, Oven and Freezer safe. It is tested so you can relax.

  • Our products come from FDA and ISO certified factory proving they are completely safe for you and the environment.

  • Unlike Plastic these products do not bend and flake.

  • They are static free and free from carcinogens or any chemicals hence no leaching of chemicals into food like it happens in plastic.

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