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The beginning of my Journey!

Read on to know how I started becoming health and environmentally conscious and started making small changes to my lifestyle to a better health and environment.....

It all started a couple of years ago when I was working on my engineering designs of various structures. I was clueless as to why it was so suffocating which probably triggered migraine headaches every now and then!!

Things just got worse as regards to my health and I started experiencing a host of other problems such as anxiety and depression.

It took me a while to realize that all my health issues were potentially due to the surrounding environment, the impure air, the dust from the air conditioning and my unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. All of these were taking a toll on my health. It was a disaster!

I brought the Impure air issues to notice to our Office staff which was very well taken care of. I started working out, changed my eating habits, basically had a complete lifestyle shift and started seeing significant changes in my health! I was feeling more energized, full of life, driven and enthusiastic! I did all my research on health and fitness. I felt like I was living in a hole all this time! I came across so many wonderful people on the web who were eager to make the world a better place by teaching healthy living! Realized the importance of eating the right food, preferably local and chose a healthy organic diet with curbing of all processed food laden with chemicals and preservatives. Life was just getting better each day!

During this time it so happened that we moved to Dubai as my husband got transferred to this place. I never realized till then the importance of fresh air and the beautiful views of the nature. Sipping tea sitting in the balcony of our beautiful apartment in Dubai had such a positive impact on my health. The views enhanced my life with positivism, joy and vigor each day!! When I learnt in my LEED course which i will come to later, exactly stresses on having access to nature for fresh air and beautiful views and explains the importance of the same on human health.

Around this time I came across Green buildings from my dear husband who himself was working on green buildings! Both of us being Civil engineers have an advantage of sharing insights in the industry. I was actually introduced to green buildings much earlier in life during my engineering days where i worked on my project called BIOMIMICRY which is basically mimicking nature to build strong structures. Well that just died down there as a mere project but always stayed at the back of my mind. Soon Later I did accompany my father, a mechanical engineer by profession, to green building seminars for energy conservation. That too just stayed with me. Coming back to the point, when my husband shared some insights about Green buildings I just got more inquisitive to find out more about this subject. After study and introspection of the subject of Green buildings, it gave me hope to build homes and offices which could provide people a healthy environment to live and work in.

Bingo! that's what I was striving for, to have a healthy environment to live in!! so there I dived into the field of sustainability!!

I did intensive research and study and finally became a LEED Accredited professional in Building design and construction! (FYI: LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental design). LEED emphasizes a lot on the three R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!! It applies to all the materials be it for a building or in daily life. This is the only way we can preserve our planet and its resources.

While acquiring the knowledge for LEED certification I was also motivated to extend this knowledge and find ways to implement the sustainability into day to day life. This was the beginning of my journey to explore safe and sustainable materials for buildings and human health! My urge to spread awareness among people regarding the environmental and health problems gave birth to The Eco Loop. My family very well supported me and had my back at every step of this difficult journey of bringing The Eco Loop alive.

I welcome all of you reading this post right now to share your experiences and insights so we can help each other and our younger ones to a greener future. We can spread the awareness and learn new things together in this beautiful journey!


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